• 10 Tips for Natural Newbies

    1. Be patient

    Hair takes time to grow, it will feel like an anxious wait because of the amount of time and care you are putting into your hair. Some of a newly naturals biggest questions are, what will my hair look like when it grows? and, Will it suit me? Don't stress be patient and stick with it and you will surely see the benefits.

    2. Moisture is Key

    Natural hair is dry and thrives from moisture, So remember to moisturizes twice a day to start with after your big chop.

    3. Rediscover your natural hair

    It may have been a while since you even saw your natural hair so it is important to find out what products your hair like and dislikes.

    4. Hair regime

    Find a hair regime that works for your hair and lifestyle in order to regain length and healthy hair.

    5. Every Hair journey is different

    With so much information on the web alone it is easy to have certain expectations from your hair but understand know two hair journeys are the same same and yours has its own path.

    6. Love your hair at night.

    I don't mean sing your hair a lullaby basically take care of your hair before you go to sleep, simple but important. wrap your hair with a satin scarf or sleep on satin pillows because cotton sucks the moisture from your hair. 

    7. Use the right tools

    Natural hair requires combs and brushes with wider teeth, this is so that the chance of pulling out hair is kept to a minimum. 

    8. Stay sulphate free

    Washing and conditioning your hair is one the biggest parts of your natural hair journey. One sure fire way to hold you back is sulphate, sulphate shampoos and conditioners works like a detergent and strips your hair of any moisture.can cause skin irritations, worsen skin problems and can even be linked to hair loss To put it mildly avoid sulphate like the plague. 

    9. Oil up
    Once your hair is moisturised seal your hair with an oil. Coconut, Jamacian Castor and Almond oil are all good for natural hair aim for 100% natural oils.  

    10. Forget Them and Remember Yourself
    You will be asked by some people why did you decide to go natural and try to put you off being your true self. Ignore them and embrace your inner and outer beauty. Aisha of My Fro and I put it best "Love your hair it stands up for you, stand up for it too". 


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