• Macadamia Natural Oil Product Review

    You may have seen in my recent Pak cosmetic haul that I purchased a couple of products from the brand Macadamia Natural oil, I was super excited about trying the product because I had heard such great things about their brand. The brand is at the more expensive end of the market so I hoped that the price reflects the quality of the products.
    I purchased the Deep Repair Masque & the Nourishing Leave – In Cream, for the purpose of the review I followed the instructions to the t (“because you know we like to leave that deep conditioner in ALLLLLLLL day lol”).

    Packaging Directions: Liberally comb through clean, wet hair and allow up to 7 minutes of penetration, use no more than twice a week.

    Step 1
    I started off by co- washing and detangling my hair, once my hair was clean I continued to section my hair and distribute the product from end to root making sure each section was saturated with the product. Once I was done with one section to make it easy form myself I simply twisted the hair, clipped it aside and moved on to the next one. (That got me singing Jay Z on to the next one).
    So upon opening the product I found the consistency to be really thick, creamy and have an almost pearl like color to it. The color, texture and look of the product reemphasized that I was using a luxury product. Another aspect that I really liked about the masque upon opening it was the smell, it has a very sweet smell some may find it strong but I really liked it.
    This masque has a fair amount of slip on application to the hair but a little goes along way, I found that even though the directions state to use liberally I had a lot of excess product and this is something I would monitor due to how expensive this repair masque is.

    Step 2

    Popped on a plastic cap, waited 7 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed out the masque ensuring not to leave any product behind as the ingredients are not all natural.

    The product rinsed out fairly easily and my hair remained tangle free which I absolutely loved as well as soft and shiny. At this point I was extremely happy with how this product left my hair, my curls where popping and defined without weighing down my hair.

    Overall I thought this product was great, I loved the texture of the product as well as how creamy & thick it was. I found the packaging suitable for the substance, also it was easy to apply which created less mess.
    After using the repair masque my hair felt full of  moisture and my curl pattern was amazing. Ok so the big question.... Is the repair masque worth the price? My personal opinion is yes, this is a repair masque, which means I would only purchase it when my hair is in need of some serious replenishment, I would not however bring this product into my hair regime as I feel it is to expensive to up keep,  did like it but for me to spend £19.99 regularly I would need to be blown away. At this point I was really feeling myself , my curls felt soft but at the same time the definition was there. It was time to put in the...  

    Packaging Directions: Work small amount through towel dried clean hair.

    Well luvs I went from feeling myself to feeling like a dry sponge, that is the only way I can describe how this cream made my hair feel. It literally sucked all the moisture out my hair in one go. Ok let me be a little more professional about this. the packaging is really good, it has a great nozzle that you pump, this allows small amounts at a time to come out and keeps things really neat.
    The fragrance is exactly the same as the masque, I do like the fragrance as I said when using the repair masque but for a leave in conditioner I found it to be a little strong and annoying. The texture of the actual cream is really sticky and when I put it on my hair it felt like it was just coating my hair with stickiness rather than providing moisture. After using the cream my hair felt sticky,dry and just one big clump. I think you can see that my hair actually looked better in the first set of pictures after using the repair masque so that says a lot.
    I had high hopes for this leave-in cream but I was really disappointed as it took me from cloud 9 to 0 in 2 seconds flat. I feel this leave in cream would be better on hair that has a wavy or straight curl patter, unfortunately it did not work well on mine.I will never repurchase this product again.


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