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    I have been battling my thinning hair for about a year (mainly in my temples and my crown). I say battling what I really mean is looking in the mirror fretting then acting like I didn't care that my hair is falling out.

    After a couple of very stressful months I realised that my hair was beginning to thin. With the knowledge that I had a random bald patch appear at the back of my head in my teens and it went a few months later I thought I would have no problems growing the hair back. Also all the men in my family have loads of hair especially my granddad who is 80+ with a head full of pure grey Ghanaian Afro.

    One day I decided that the patch will not go on its own so I called for help from a little bottle called Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Serum.   At first my hair started picking up, I noticed that my hair was starting to thicken. But like most men I got tired of putting products in my hair twice a day and I eventually stopped.

    After months of stopping and starting my hair regime I realised that it was time for a change so last week I decided to buy Groganics Hair Gro-N-Wild and Groganics Dht Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion  Both products contain the patented DHT Blocking System. According to The Belgravia Centre  DHT is a chemical derivative of testosterone, the male hormone, and is the main cause of hair loss in both men and women.

    I was very cautious when I read the
     ingredients and saw that the products contained mineral oil and petroleum both of which are known to reek havoc on black hair. But I was desperate and with the other option spending £70 on Moroccan Oil, Groganics was the only logical option. Hense the title 'Grow your hair or go bald trying'. I will use the two products  Groganics Hair Gro-N-Wild (rub into troubled areas twice a day) and Groganics Dht Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion as an additive to my moisturiser Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner (it is a wash out conditioner but I use as leave in)and KTC Almond Oil.

    I have dramatically reduced the amount of products and oils that I use in my hair to see what really works for me (apparently I'm the male equivalent of a product junkie) Below are pics of my hair right now I will update you guys every 2 weeks to see how I progressed.

    Guest Post written by Emmanuel Baah the founder of Billionaire Mind Poor Pocket (BMPP) a men's fashion blog that fuses fashion, inspiration and motivation.


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