• Barber Shop Review: 9ice Beauty and Barbers Salon

    Barber Shop Review: 9ice Beauty and Barbers Salon   

    My rules when it comes to barbers is once you’ve found a good one… never change. There’s a reason why superstars like Diddy take their barber with them everywhere they go. I don’t have that luxury but I have been going to the same barber for 14 years.I surprised myself when I responded to a barber who asked me “do I want to cut”. I usually find it quite a desperate move when barbers and hairdressers try to get people to get their hair done by stopping them in the street. And like restaurants I judge a barbers by how busy it is and it was empty. But I gave the brother the benefit of the doubt because the shop just opened, I was on my way to my usual barbers, my time was very tight and I also thought it would be a great opportunity to review a new barbers and share my experience with you guys.

    As a man with a Billionaire Mind Poor Pocket I was excited to hear the answer of £3 to my question “how much is a shape up?”  Shape up is a safe way to try new barbers. Reason being if the new barber messes up your hair you can go back to your usual barbers and cut it all off.

    When I first sat down in the chair I realised that the array of clippers, products and sprays that I usually see was not there. I ignored the basic clipper set of one clipper and baby power and told the guy how I wanted my shape up “shave the beard and keep the moustache”. As we started chatting about life and Naturally London I noticed that my shape up was looking way too sharp I’m a young Londoner not Bobby Jones. So I checked my watch realised I was going to be late no matter what and made the executive decision to cut it all off. I asked for a ‘one level’ at 0.5 (which is a very low cut). As he cut my hair I felt the roughness of the clipper on my head. As I feared he used the same rough clipper on my head as he did on my face. I pulled all types of grimacing faces but to no avail he carried on.

    He was a nice guy and told me about his time in London before I realised he was taking off the cloak and started to do the final touch ups. I kept looking at my hair like we’re not done yet. It was still uneven and the right side of my head was clearly longer than the left. He put the cloak back on and tried to rectify the problem. 5 minutes later my hair looked a lot better and I was ready to go. I was very happy when I gave him £10 is received £4 back. Wait, full hair cut only £6, wow I haven’t paid that amount in about 7 years.

    When I got home I could feel the effects of the rough clipper my face as it had already started to feel sensitive and it wasn’t the closet shave I’ve ever had either. I washed my hair off with tresemme conditioner  I would usually shampoo first then condition but I was running late so I skipped the shampoo. I checked out my hair in the mirror and found that I hadn’t had the best haircut of my life but with the price and service I was pretty happy.

    It has now been one day since the cut and hair and my face is feeling really sensitive I also realised that the shape up at the back of my hair is too high. In the cold light of day I realised that my hair was still uneven, the top of my hair is still lower than the sides.

    My overall experience of 9ice barbers is its name sake, nice. It’s not the best barbers in London but if you are in the Dulwich/Peckham area it is better than most.

    Overall experience 2.5/5 although I did feel like this... 

    Here are some shots after my cut... I know I look like I should cheer up but the people in the room kept highlighting more things wrong with my hair that I didn't notice like my sideburns being thicker than the rest of my hair (I did tell the barber that they were too high but he insisted making them lower will ruin the look).

    I know I'm supposed to struggling with my thinning temples and crown but Lord have mercy he made me look like a 65 year politician. Thank God you can not see how uneven this haircut is without a light directly on my head.


    You can find 9ice Barbers at
    62 Peckham Rye, Peckham, London, SE15 4JR    

    Or you can go elsewhere... I suggest elsewhere



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