• Newest Team NL Member 'Cookie'

    Your Name?
    Oreoluwa - (But I go by ‘Cookie’ online)

    Tell us a bit about yourself?
    I’m totally in Love with natural hair (surprise surprise).I am a not-so-secret comic book geek. Which wouldn’t be weird if I hadn’t started reading them like a year or two ago… I love the performing arts; theatre, film, music etc. I also love reading and eating out. I wish I could get paid to sleep.

    Ethnic Origin – Nigerian

    Where in the UK you’re from if London what part of London – London

    What do you do? e.g. occupation, Mum, YouTube channels, blogs, etc
    I’m a masters student, blogger (cookiesrealhaircare.com) and youtuber (chocolate7026).

    What type of Natural Hair do you have? 3B, 4C etc
    4a and 3c

    What do You Love and hate about being a Natural in London/UK?
    The lack of EASY access to natural products. They’re either really expensive, hard to find, or just unavailable in the UK. I also hate the weather! It has ruined so many really good hair days. Where is summer please?

    Have you ever had relaxed hair? 
    Yes. My hair was actually relaxed for most of my life. I’ve been natural for less than 2 years although my 2 year nappyversary is coming up!

    Did you transition or Big Chop?
    I transitioned for like 6 months (from December 2010, last relaxer –June 2011) but I couldn’t deal with the two textures. I just didn’t have the time or the patience to wait. So I ended up doing my big chop myself one late night with some paper scissors (I know better now).

    What is your hair care regime?
    I still don’t know if I have a totally set regime. Everything depends on what styles I’m doing. This is a rough break down:  I co-wash about once a week.
    Sometimes I rinse my scalp with water in between (co-washes) if I’ve been to the gym.
    I do a hot oil treatment and a deep condition once a week.
    I cleanse (with a sulphate-free poo) once every 2 weeks or so.
    I use a low sulphates shampoo once a month if I need too. In between, 1-2 times a week, I moisturise with a water-based leave in and then seal with an oil.
    I always keep my hair stretched. Never do wash and gos. So after washing my hair, I twist it and then apply my products of choice.
    Why did you decide to become natural? 
    I was curious and tired. I wanted to see what my natural texture was like, and I didn’t want to relax anymore.

    What would you say about the London/Uk Natural scene?
    I’m excited that there is a ‘scene’ to speak of I guess. More support and encouragement. The natural ‘community’ is very supportive. Best thing about it. I just hope people don’t get too carried away. It’s wonderful and I LOVE it, but it’s just hair.

    Who are your favourite natural bloggers/ Vloggers?  
    Up until recently I didn’t know of many UK naturals soooo I’m probably more familiar with the American ones; Chime (Haircrush), Whitney (Naptural85), I also really like MsAriella89. There are loads more but those are the ones who come to mind. I was a fan of the MopTopMaven too…
    Uk naturals: Wunmi (WomanInTheJungle), Laila-Jean (Neffy-FroFro/FusionOfCultures).
    Have you been a part of any Natural Hair events?
    The BritBeauty Mixer hosted by Strength of Nature and The Jane Carter 360 transformation event.

    Who inspires your natural hair journey? 
    Anyone with healthy natural hair.

    Do you wear protective styles if so what is your favourite protective style? 
    I do keep my twists in for a few days sometimes although they’re normally hidden beneath a turban. I try to do a prolonged protective style such as braids or kinky twists every few months. My favourite protective style is probably chunky braids. I want to try Havana twists soon though.

    How would you describe your style? 
    Bright, Comfortable and Simple

    Finally any style or fashion tips for our naturals?
    Lol I have no idea…. My advice is go for comfortable and simple. You look best when you look and feel confident and comfortable.

    Please provide all your contact information
    Twitter: @TheCurlyCookie it’s a fairly new account.


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